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Available Positions

Executive Director

Community Unlimited staff is very important to the overall quality of Community Unlimited programs. Staff is directly involved in the process of program evaluation, development, and implementation.    Positive character, sharing knowledge, and communication are essential to successful programs.

Responsibilities (include but are not limited to):

  • Reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for CU’s consistent achievement of its mission and program objectives.
  • Organizes quarterly Board meetings with agendas and appropriate presentations, including the annual meeting. Ensures that CU operates consistent with quality non-profit organizational standards.
  • Be thoroughly knowledgeable with the CU Employee Handbook, MI Day Care Licensing requirements, GSRP Implementation Manual, PQA standards, Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Prekindergarten, MI Out-of-School Time Standards of Quality, Before and After School programming.
  • Provide leadership to ensure adherence by all staff to the CU Employee Handbook, MI Day Care Licensing, the GSRP Implementation Manual, and Out-of-School time standards. 
  • Hire, schedule, and supervise high quality CU staff. Support staff to improve, but follow legal process for releasing an employee.
  • Meet regularly with CU staff to ensure smooth day to day operations of Community Unlimited, the central office, and each program. 
  • Evaluate programs, office and program staff, and determine staff development needs. Develop high quality staff professional development that is reflective of evaluation data and yearly program goals. Include program staff in the PQA-style of program improvement.
  • Maintain positive communication and good working relationships with all CU employees, community partners, parents, students, school districts staff, and the Calhoun Intermediate School District Early Childhood staff.
  • Represent CU on and attend committee meetings regarding all CU programs. Committees / meetings could be local, county, state, or national level.
  • Oversee that all CU staff is adhering to site budgets and provide timely documentation of all program and grant requirements. 
  • Oversee solutions to program employee, student, or parent issues.
  • Approve expenditures in accordance with program budgets.
  • Oversee sustainable fund development, including local fund-raising.

Schedule: This is considered a year-round, full-time, salaried position (exempt from overtime), averaging at least 40 hours per week.

Education and Qualifications:

  • An MA or BA in a child related field such as Early Childhood, Elementary or Secondary Education, Child/Youth Development, Child Guidance/Counseling, Child Psychology, or Family Studies including classes in administration. Willing to continue education, if required, to meet childcare licensing rules and regulations.
  • Experience in administration, budgeting, supervision, and curriculum development.

Traits Desired by the Staff of Community Unlimited for our Executive Director:

  • Personality:  Compassionate, empathetic, approachable, caring, patient, respectful, a good-listener, a motivator, collaborator, problem solver, supportive, out of the box thinking, open minded,  passionate about helping children & their families.
  • Working / Managerial:  organized, ability to understand & use technology, responsive and supportive to teaching teams and staff needs, passionate about helping staff grow both personally and professionally.